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“Surviving the Summer Blahs”

from the Counseling Department

     Summer is soon upon us.  It’s a time of rest, fun and sometimes endless hours of free time.  A certain amount of free time where preteens can relax and rejuvenate is good.  Too much free, unstructured time can also cause problems when preteens find negative outlets to use their time.  Continue to closely monitor computer and television time.

     It’s a good idea to structure some your preteen’s time during the summer.  Parents can offer options and require their child to choose a certain number to participate in.  Variety and combination of favorite and new activities is important.  There are also many good day and residential camp programs available.

      Here are just a few summer activity ideas.

GRASP: Grand Rapids Academic Summer Program

  1. a summer job babysitting, mowing, etc.
  2. volunteering to help an elderly neighbor, at the senior center or church
  3. job shadow a parent or relative at work for a day to find out what he/she does on the job and what training is required
  4. form a book group, decide on a books you like to read and meet to discuss them over lunch or ice cream at a favorite hang out
  5. invite a friend and visit the museums in Ann Arbor (Hands On Science, U of M Art, Natural History)
  6. take a class at the Chelsea Performing Arts Center
  7. take a class through Community Education
  8. explore different careers and research three in detail
  9. trace your family geneology
  10. research the history of Chelsea at the library
  11. participate in a summer program at the McKune Library and/or visit it weekly
  12. write poetry, keep a journal, write a short story, write to a pen pal
  13. research free stuff for kids and order some with parent permission (Hint: There is a book covering sources that offer free stuff to kids. Where might you find it?)
  14. learn to swim, snorkel or fish
  15. clean (really clean!) your room and give away clothes and games you don’t want to a charity
  16. plan and cook a meal for your family once a week
  17. run a mile every Thursday just for the fun of it and exercise every day
  18. try to raise your own food, i.e. learn to garden
  19. learn to play a new sport
  20. take a first aid class and learn CPR
  21. if your family travels offer to create maps, itinerary and the budget for the trip
  22. design a project to help improve the environment in Chelsea or your home
  23. recycle and research what happens to recycled items when they leave your home
  24. create and perform your own play with friends or have a talent show
  25. read, read, read comic books, books, magazines, newspapers
  26. begin a collection of any kind
  27. try six new foods (even if you have to close your eyes and hold your nose!)
  28. have a contest with your friends to see who can live without technology and television for 1 week

Have a terrific summer with your preteen, spend time together, and have fun!

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