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Chelsea School District

District Directory

Photo of Ronda Abramson
  • Email Ronda Abramson
Photo of Nicholas Angel

Nicholas Angel

Principal: Chelsea High School

  • Email Nicholas Angel
Photo of Bil Arons
  • Email Bil Arons
Photo of Fran Barton
  • Email Fran Barton
Photo of Andrea Bates
  • Email Andrea Bates
Photo of Stacie Battaglia

Stacie Battaglia

Principal: South Meadows Elementary

  • Email Stacie Battaglia
Photo of Andrea Bavineau

Andrea Bavineau


  • Email Andrea Bavineau
Photo of Wendy Beaumont

Wendy Beaumont

Office Clerk

  • Email Wendy Beaumont
Photo of Beth Bell
  • Email Beth Bell
Photo of Caleb Bentley
  • Email Caleb Bentley
Photo of Daniela Bickel

Daniela Bickel


  • Email Daniela Bickel
Photo of Todd Blomquist
  • Email Todd Blomquist
Photo of Lisa Book

Lisa Book

Transportation Services Director

  • Email Lisa Book
Photo of Brian Boos
  • Email Brian Boos
Photo of Krista Bradley
  • Email Krista Bradley
Photo of Mike Brown
  • Email Mike Brown
Photo of Kerri Bryant
  • Email Kerri Bryant
Photo of Karen Burchett

Karen Burchett


  • Email Karen Burchett
Photo of Eric Burris

Eric Burris

Physical Education Teacher

  • Email Eric Burris
Photo of Jacob Burris

Jacob Burris


  • Email Jacob Burris
Photo of Stephanie Busch

Stephanie Busch

5th Grade Teacher Consultant

  • Email Stephanie Busch
Photo of Matt Ceo

Matt Ceo

Principal: Beach Middle School

  • Email Matt Ceo
Photo of Kristen Chinavare
  • Email Kristen Chinavare
Photo of Tom Clemons

Tom Clemons

Maintenance Coordinator

Photo of Nicole Collins

Nicole Collins

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Email Nicole Collins
Photo of Kimmy Conn

Kimmy Conn

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Kimmy Conn
Photo of Caleb Coon
  • Email Caleb Coon
Photo of Michael Coulombe
  • Email Michael Coulombe

Matt Cunningham

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

  • Email Matt Cunningham
Photo of Kim Davis
  • Email Kim Davis
Photo of Pool Deck
Photo of Jessica DeLand
  • Email Jessica DeLand
Photo of Sheryl Dewyer
  • Email Sheryl Dewyer
Photo of Erin Dillon
  • Email Erin Dillon
Photo of Lauren Diver

Lauren Diver

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Lauren Diver
Photo of Amy Doma
  • Email Amy Doma
Photo of Gary Dosey

Gary Dosey

Technology - Chelsea High School

  • Email Gary Dosey
Photo of Tamara Dres
  • Email Tamara Dres
Photo of Corynne Eder
  • Email Corynne Eder
Photo of Kim Eder
  • Email Kim Eder
Photo of Community Education
Photo of Austin Elam
  • Email Austin Elam
Photo of Darren Embury

Darren Embury

Speech and Language Specialist

  • Email Darren Embury
Photo of Meg Emlaw
  • Email Meg Emlaw
Photo of Steven Fifield
  • Email Steven Fifield
Photo of Katy Fillion
  • Email Katy Fillion
Photo of Anne Findlay
  • Email Anne Findlay
Photo of Art Finger
  • Email Art Finger
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Photo of Vanessa Fisk

Vanessa Fisk

Administrative Assistant to the Principal

  • Email Vanessa Fisk
Photo of North Creek Food Service

Andrea Franco

Assistant Principal: Chelsea High School

  • Email Andrea Franco
Photo of Adam French
  • Email Adam French
Photo of Kim Gabrielson

Kim Gabrielson

Literacy Specialist and Instructional Coach

  • Email Kim Gabrielson
Photo of Gary Galvin
  • Email Gary Galvin
Photo of Ken Geer

Ken Geer

Chelsea High School Custodian-Day Shift

  • Email Ken Geer
Photo of Marcie Gilbreath
  • Email Marcie Gilbreath
Photo of Lyndsay Grasman
  • Email Lyndsay Grasman
Photo of Heather Hay

Heather Hay

1st Grade Teacher

  • Email Heather Hay
Photo of Kristine Henry
  • Email Kristine Henry
Photo of Judy Hermosillo

Judy Hermosillo

3rd Grade Teacher Consultant

  • Email Judy Hermosillo
Photo of Michelle Hilla

Michelle Hilla

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Email Michelle Hilla
  • Email Tara Holmberg
Photo of Gina Horsburgh

Gina Horsburgh

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Gina Horsburgh
Photo of Heather Hugg
  • Email Heather Hugg
Photo of Trisha Hughes
  • Email Trisha Hughes
Photo of Melanie Ichesco

Melanie Ichesco

Young 5 Teacher

  • Email Melanie Ichesco
Photo of Jaimie Jackson
  • Email Jaimie Jackson
Photo of Valerie Johnson
  • Email Valerie Johnson
Photo of Emma Jones

Emma Jones

1st Grade Teacher

  • Email Emma Jones
Photo of Lisa Kaemming

Lisa Kaemming

Reading Specialist and Instrucational Coach

  • Email Lisa Kaemming
Photo of Marcus Kaemming

Marcus Kaemming

Assistant Superintendent

  • Email Marcus Kaemming
Photo of Michael Kapolka

Michael Kapolka

Superintendent of Schools

Photo of Madeline Keating

Madeline Keating

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Email Madeline Keating
Photo of Mara Kelly

Mara Kelly

School Social Worker

  • Email Mara Kelly
Photo of Ellen Kent

Ellen Kent


  • Email Ellen Kent
Photo of Lynda Kime

Lynda Kime

Business Services Accountant & Payroll

  • Email Lynda Kime
Photo of BMS Kitchen
Photo of Michelle Klein

Michelle Klein

Administrative Assistant

  • Email Michelle Klein
Photo of Corey Knight
  • Email Corey Knight
Photo of Alyssa Knupp
  • Email Alyssa Knupp
Photo of Cathy Kotlarek

Cathy Kotlarek

Literacy & Instructional Specialist

  • Email Cathy Kotlarek
Photo of Kristin Krarup-Joyce

Kristin Krarup-Joyce

School Psychologist

  • Email Kristin Krarup-Joyce
Photo of Mackenzie Kriekard

Mackenzie Kriekard

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Email Mackenzie Kriekard
Photo of Shannon Krug

Shannon Krug

Media Clerk

  • Email Shannon Krug
Photo of Karen Kurcz
  • Email Karen Kurcz
Marie Larson

Marie Larson

Youth Mental Health Coordinator

  • Email Marie Larson
Photo of Allyson Leverett
  • Email Allyson Leverett
Photo of Jenni Linde
  • Email Jenni Linde
Photo of Evan Liskiewicz

Evan Liskiewicz

South Meadows Afternoon Custodian

  • Email Evan Liskiewicz
Photo of Marie Lombardo
  • Email Marie Lombardo
Photo of Terry Loomis

Terry Loomis


  • Email Terry Loomis
Photo of Mike Lott
  • Email Mike Lott
Photo of Bethany Lucas
  • Email Bethany Lucas
Photo of Josh Lucas
  • Email Josh Lucas
Photo of Laura Lutz
  • Email Laura Lutz
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Photo of Heather Machleit
  • Email Heather Machleit
Photo of Andrea Maines
  • Email Andrea Maines
Photo of Tim Mann

Tim Mann


  • Email Tim Mann
Photo of Tiffany Manning
  • Email Tiffany Manning
Photo of Mike Mast

Mike Mast

Chelsea High School Custodian-Afternoon Shift

  • Email Mike Mast
Photo of Molly Mattias
  • Email Molly Mattias
Photo of Kathryn McCalla
  • Email Kathryn McCalla
Photo of Mollie McConnell

Mollie McConnell

Social Worker

  • Email Mollie McConnell
Photo of Mathilde McDaniels

Mathilde McDaniels

Lead Teacher GSRP Program

  • Email Mathilde McDaniels
Photo of Rob McDowell

Rob McDowell


  • Email Rob McDowell
Photo of Melissa Mcguire
  • Email Melissa Mcguire
Photo of Melissa McIntosh
  • Email Melissa McIntosh
Photo of Jill McKale
  • Email Jill McKale
Photo of Jennifer McKay

Jennifer McKay

Resource Room Teacher

  • Email Jennifer McKay
Photo of Jackie Mead

Jackie Mead

Teacher Consultant

  • Email Jackie Mead
Photo of BMS Media Center
Photo of Susanna Miller
  • Email Susanna Miller
Photo of Colin Mindel

Colin Mindel

North Creek Custodian-Afternoon Shift

  • Email Colin Mindel
Photo of Katie Minnick
  • Email Katie Minnick
Photo of Lonnie Mitchell
  • Email Lonnie Mitchell
Photo of Mary Morgans
  • Email Mary Morgans
Photo of Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Dean of Students/Assistant Athletic Director: Chelsea High School

  • Email Jason Morris
Photo of Duane Moss
  • Email Duane Moss
Photo of Shawntay Munker

Shawntay Munker

Assistant Cook

  • Email Shawntay Munker
Photo of Marijane Nelson, R.N.

Marijane Nelson, R.N.

District Nurse

  • Email Marijane Nelson
Photo of Lisa Nickel

Lisa Nickel

Director of Special Education

  • Email Lisa Nickel
Photo of Sarah Obenauf
  • Email Sarah Obenauf
Photo of Transportation Office
Photo of Chris Orlandi
  • Email Chris Orlandi
Photo of Karen Paul
  • Email Karen Paul
Photo of James Pearson

James Pearson

South Meadows Custodian-Day Shift

  • Email James Pearson
Photo of Matt Pedlow
  • Email Matt Pedlow
Photo of Nathan Peters

Nathan Peters


  • Email Nathan Peters
Photo of Jennifer Peterson

Jennifer Peterson

Lead Teacher Full Day Preschool

  • Email Jennifer Peterson
Photo of Kurt Phelps
  • Email Kurt Phelps
Photo of Allison Pippin

Allison Pippin

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Email Allison Pippin
Photo of Trisha Pollack
  • Email Trisha Pollack
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Photo of Becky Poole

Becky Poole

Custodial Supervisor

  • Email Becky Poole
Photo of Claire Popovich
  • Email Claire Popovich
Photo of Julia Porambo

Julia Porambo

Social Worker

  • Email Julia Porambo
Photo of Robin Prodin
  • Email Robin Prodin
Photo of Clarissa Prohaska

Clarissa Prohaska

Music & Theater Teacher

  • Email Clarissa Prohaska
Photo of Amy Proos

Amy Proos

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Amy Proos
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Photo of Dawn Putnam
  • Email Dawn Putnam
Photo of Sarah Radomski
  • Email Sarah Radomski
Photo of Lindsey Regnier

Lindsey Regnier


  • Email Lindsey Regnier
Photo of Stacy Rehmann

Stacy Rehmann

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Stacy Rehmann
Photo of Holly Reiser
  • Email Holly Reiser
Photo of Anna Remynse

Anna Remynse

WSEC Day Shift Custodian

  • Email Anna Remynse
PE teacher

Dan Rhodes

PE Teacher

  • Email Dan Rhodes
Photo of Megan Rhodes

Megan Rhodes

Literacy Specialist and Instructional Coach

  • Email Megan Rhodes
Photo of Jason Rickli
  • Email Jason Rickli
Photo of Alison Roberts

Alison Roberts

Band Director

South Meadows: 734-433-2205 x5307

  • Email Alison Roberts
Photo of Eric Robinson
  • Email Eric Robinson
Photo of Angie Root

Angie Root

Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal

  • Email Angie Root
Photo of Karen Rosentreter

Karen Rosentreter

Media Clerk

  • Email Karen Rosentreter
Photo of Kelsi Russell

Kelsi Russell

District Nurse

  • Email Kelsi Russell
Photo of Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Email Kelly Ryan
Photo of Diana Salazar

Diana Salazar

School Social Worker

  • Email Diana Salazar
Photo of Mark Scheese
  • Email Mark Scheese
Photo of Jace Scheidt

Jace Scheidt

South Meadows Afternoon Custodian

Choir teacher photo

Dawn Schell

Choir teacher

  • Email Dawn Schell
Photo of Michelle Schertzing
  • Email Michelle Schertzing

Adam Schilt

Assistant Principal: Beach Middle School

  • Email Adam Schilt
Photo of Brandon Schmidt
  • Email Brandon Schmidt
Michelle Schneider

Michelle Schneider

1st Grade Teacher

  • Email Michelle Schneider
Photo of Nick Schumann
  • Email Nick Schumann
Photo of Food Service

Chris Simpson

Food Service Director

  • Email Chris Simpson
Photo of Shawn Sinacola
  • Email Shawn Sinacola
Photo of Ryann Skrypec
  • Email Ryann Skrypec
Photo of Rachel Slupe

Rachel Slupe

Auditorium Manager

  • Email Rachel Slupe
Photo of David Slusser
  • Email David Slusser
Photo of Kirsten Smart
  • Email Kirsten Smart
Photo of Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Young 5 Teacher

  • Email Jennifer Smith
Photo of Alex Soule
  • Email Alex Soule
Photo of Michelle Spence

Michelle Spence

Head Cook

  • Email Michelle Spence
Photo of Katie Spisich

Katie Spisich


  • Email Katie Spisich
Photo of Alex Stacy

Alex Stacy

Instructional Technology Specialist

  • Email Alex Stacy
Photo of Jesse Stebelton

Jesse Stebelton


  • Email Jesse Stebelton
Photo of Katy Steklac
  • Email Katy Steklac
Photo of Tracie Stoffer

Tracie Stoffer

Athletics Secretary

  • Email Tracie Stoffer
Photo of Melissa Struk

Melissa Struk

Lead Teacher Half Day Preschool

  • Email Melissa Struk
Photo of Dennis Strzyzewski
  • Email Dennis Strzyzewski
Photo of Rebecca Suiter

Rebecca Suiter

Health Sciences

  • Email Rebecca Suiter
Photo of Phillip Sylvester

Phillip Sylvester

Orchestra Director

  • Email Phillip Sylvester
Photo of Claire Talarico

Claire Talarico

School Psychologist

  • Email Claire Talarico
Photo of Adam Taylor
  • Email Adam Taylor
Photo of Andrew Thomson
  • Email Andrew Thomson
Photo of Loren Thorburn
  • Email Loren Thorburn
Photo of Tara Thorburn

Tara Thorburn

Teacher Consultant/Resource Room

  • Email Tara Thorburn
Photo of Cathy Timberlake
  • Email Cathy Timberlake
Photo of Jennifer Tracht

Jennifer Tracht

1st Grade Teacher

  • Email Jennifer Tracht
Photo of Lindsey Trevisan
  • Email Lindsey Trevisan
Photo of Josh Tropea
  • Email Josh Tropea
Photo of Kevin Tykoski
  • Email Kevin Tykoski
Photo of Abbie Vlcek

Abbie Vlcek

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Email Abbie Vlcek
Photo of Amy Wagoner
  • Email Amy Wagoner
Photo of Martha Waldo
  • Email Martha Waldo
Photo of Gina Watson
  • Email Gina Watson
Photo of Shelley Weber

Shelley Weber

Counseling Secretary

  • Email Shelley Weber
Photo of Lydia Weid

Lydia Weid

1st Grade Teacher

  • Email Lydia Weid

Dawn Welt

SWWC Health Sciences

  • Email Dawn Welt
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Photo of Katie Whittaker

Katie Whittaker

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Katie Whittaker
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Photo of Kristy Wing

Kristy Wing

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Email Kristy Wing
Photo of Rachael Wismont
  • Email Rachael Wismont
Photo of Karyssa Witzig
  • Email Karyssa Witzig
Photo of Laura Woodruff
  • Email Laura Woodruff
Photo of Carley Wooster

Carley Wooster

Teacher Consultant

  • Email Carley Wooster
Kelsey Zagata

Kelsey Zagata

1st Grade Teacher

  • Email Kelsey Zagata
Photo of John Zainea
  • Email John Zainea
Photo of Lisa Zocharski

Lisa Zocharski

Admin Assistant - HR

  • Email Lisa Zocharski
Photo of Marlee Zuke

Marlee Zuke

WSEC Afternoon Custodian

  • Email Marlee Zuke
Photo of Steven Zuke

Steven Zuke

North Creek Afternoon Custodian

  • Email Steven Zuke

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